The Beginning of Allison Air Conditioning & Heating

Allison Air Conditioning and Heating is starting a blog! We want our customers to not only get to know more about our business but to also get to know us outside of the HVAC world.
How Allison Air Conditioning and Heating got started….
Steve Allison (President) was born in Highland Park, Michigan on April 7, 1955. He is the 11th born out of four sisters and seven brothers. He only lived in Michigan until he was 2 years old, then his family packed up and moved Clewiston, Florida in 1958. When Steve was 8 years old, there was an electrical fire at his home, they lost everything; they had no money for clothes so local church groups, neighbors and family friends donated clothes to the family. When Steve was 16 he got his first job at Reddish Electric as a Apprentice, he worked there for about 3 years where he learned how to work on appliances, run duct work and electrical work. When Steve was 19, he decided to get out of Clewiston to better himself, he packed up and moved to California in October 1976. When he got to California he worked as an Electrician’s apprentice for about a month, from there he worked for an Appliance and Television company, where he met Emily Allison. They began dating and Steve decided he wanted to learn Air Conditioning and Heating and start his own business, he left the Appliance and Television Company in 1981 and opened Allison Appliance Service out of Emily’s parents garage in 1982 while also enrolling in RCC HVAC program, where he would eventually earn his HVAC Certificate of Completion. Steve and Emily got married on October 15, 1983 and moved into their first home, which was a barn converted into a house on Emily’s uncles property. On December 12, 1985 they had their only child Katie. In September 1986 Steve and Emily moved into their second home in Norco, two months after moving into their new home, Steve had to have neck surgery due to a bone spur growth at the base of his skull, pushing on his spinal cord; he was unable to work for a year but the business still ran, at this time the business was now Allison Air Conditioning and Heating and had an office in Corona, where it still is todayOn October 28, 1988 Steve received his Contractors License and Allison Air Conditioning and Heating became a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and have been ever since! So there you go, how Allison Air Conditioning and Heating was born in a nut shell!