Save Energy Every Room House

How to Save Energy in Each Room of Your House

Most homeowners are interested in learning ways to cut down on energy use at home. It’s not only great for the environment, it’s also pretty good for your bank account as well. Below, we’ve listed several great tips that will help you save energy in every single room in your house! Read on for some

HVAC System Too Old

Is My HVAC System Too Old?

Everyone knows that upgrading major appliances can be incredibly beneficial to your home. New washers and dryers are great for saving water and energy, and a new fridge can add form and function to a kitchen. But when it comes to HVAC systems, where it’s mostly function, and the lifespan can vary considerably, the timeline


How to Save Energy on Cooling Your Home This Summer

Cooling your home during the summertime tends to use up a lot of energy, which can increase your home energy bills. This increased energy usage isn’t only bad for your pocketbook, it is also not very good for the environment. This summer, stay cool indoors without the burden of an outrageous energy bill. With these

Energy Efficiency FAQs

Should I Unplug my Appliances? (And Other Energy Efficiency FAQs)

When it comes to energy savings, it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction. Most homeowners want to do anything they can to cut down on their energy bills, but it’s important to know what helps and what is just a myth. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the energy efficiency questions

Home Appliances Energy Efficiency

5 Surprising Ways to Use Your Home Appliances More Efficiently

Home appliances are not something homeowners think much about unless they stop working or need an upgrade. However, to make the most of your major appliances, it’s wise to consider how much energy they may be using—and how much you could realistically cut back on that energy usage. By applying these energy saving tips and


Simple Changes You Can Make to Be More Environmentally Friendly

There is no better time than right now to start thinking about how to be more environmentally friendly—especially when it comes to your home. Below we feature several ways to make your home eco-friendlier, which will in turn will save your household on overall energy usage. Another bonus to being more environmentally friendly? You’ll save


What is SEER, And Why Should I Care?

When researching new air conditioning systems, you may have noticed the phrase “SEER Rating” popping up here and there. SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it helps you see how energy efficient central air conditioners are. This rating is important to take a look at when you are researching new cooling systems because


10 Things About HVAC Energy Usage You May Not Have Known

We all know that saving energy is good for the planet (and our wallets). But do you really know how much energy your HVAC system uses? Or how you can save enough energy to make an impact on your monthly heating and cooling costs? Below, we dive a bit deeper into some important facts about

The Ultimate List of HVAC Videos

It’s no secret that there is a ton of informative videos available online—but did you know that many of them have to do with HVAC? This is great news for homeowners! We’ve gathered together some of the best of the best in HVAC videos and brought them together to make The Ultimate List of HVAC

Why You Need an HVAC Tune-Up in the Fall

Fall is here, which means that it is time for an HVAC tune-up. Keeping up with heater and air conditioning maintenance is important for maximizing home comfort and prolonging the life of your unit. You may be wondering, why is fall the time for HVAC maintenance? Below, we will discuss why fall is the best