• Special Value pricing on all repairs, replacements, and Indoor air quality products
  • Comprehensive 18 point heating or 14 point cooling “Performance Tune Up”
  • Reduces your utility costs
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Entitles you to “Priority Customer” Service
  • Provides you with the highest level of safety & performance


1. Replace or clean filters
2. Inspect for visible refrigerant leaks
3. Check operating pressures and temperatures
4. Check for proper operating voltage/amp draw
5. Test system safety devices
6. Lubricate moving parts as needed
7. Insect blower assembly
8. Check blower speed
9. Inspect the wiring and control circuit
10. Check thermostat operation
11. Check coil temperature drops
12. Check electrical connections
13. Cycle equipment to check for proper operation
14. Give a written diagnostic of report findings



1. Replace or clean all filters
2. Check for carbon monoxide
3. Inspect heat exchanger
4. Check inlet/outlet gas pressure
5. Check/adjust fuel air mixture
6. Check motors for voltage/amp draw
7. Test system safety devices
8. Inspect bower assembly
9. Check/calibrate thermostat operation
10. Check for gas leaks at furnace
11. Check temperature rise
12. Check combustion air
13. Check ignition system
14. Check electrical connections
15. Check flue pipe
16. Lubricate moving parts as needed
17. Cycle furnace to ensure correct operation
18. Give a written diagnostic report of findings