Serving the Inland Empire area of California since 1982, Allison Air Conditioning has come to be known for providing our residential, commercial and industrial with the latest and most innovative solutions for home and business heating and air conditioning. By creating custom HVAC design solutions, we can tailor heating and cooling options, units and systems to our clients’ exact specifications and needs. Taking all indoor comfort needs into account – as well as energy costs and overall efficiency needs – we offer a comprehensive solution that will leave your home or business comfortable at an affordable cost.

What Is Air Conditioning and Heating Zoning?

Heating and air conditioning zoning is just one of the many custom indoor HVAC solutions that we offer to our clients in Corona, Riverside, and other areas of the Inland Empire. This type of indoor heating and cooling system is innovative and offers more control over temperatures, humidity and energy expenditure to the various HVAC equipment, allowing home and business owners to better control cost and comfort of the indoor air.

With a zoning setup in a home or business, various rooms and areas are broken into their own “zones” that are selected according to insulation, the amount of traffic the area gets, the specific comfort needs of that area, and the priority of heating and cooling that area. For example, bedrooms are areas that will require the highest comfort priority and will require comfort control over other areas of the house or space. By setting each bedroom as its own zone, occupants in the various rooms can control the temperature and change settings whenever they want, and the settings will change independently from other rooms or zones. This makes it easy for “Jack” to drop the temperature to 72 degrees in his room before bedtime, while “Jill” can set her room to a balmier 79 degrees to be comfortable throughout the night. Unlike central air conditioners and heaters, a zoned system can give these two rooms different comfort profiles independent of one another, and these temperatures can be achieved efficiently.

Zoning Heating and Cooling Systems We Offer

As a Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier brand heating and cooling equipment, we can set up your zoned indoor air comfort solution for both commercial and residential spaces using a combination of the top of the line products manufactured by Carrier. Known for having some of the best and most efficient HVAC products and systems in the industry, Carrier is a manufacturer of the most innovative and technologically advanced air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, air handlers, ductless systems and more. Using these products, we will customize a zoned heating and cooling system based off the size of the area being treated, the comfort needs of the various spaces and zones, and the overall budget and cost standards our clients have.

Smart Thermostats For HVAC Zoning

Once we have designed and installed your zoned heating and air conditioning system, the power to easily manage and control the comfort zones is literally at the tips of your fingers with our smart thermostat technology. These smart thermostats will not only allow you to change temperature and humidity levels, but will allow you to manage monthly energy usage and electricity expenditures. These smart thermostats allow you to connect wirelessly, using smart phones, tablets and devices and can be self-programmed for various modes such as: “vacation modes,” “sleep modes,” “test modes,” and more. Coupling all of your HVAC zoning equipment into one single control feature, these smart thermostats make managing and understanding your heating and cooling systems and equipment a breeze.

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