Home Improvements for Sellers

Do These 5 Things Before Putting Your Home On the Market

Are you planning on selling your home soon? If you want to maximize your home value, it is important to make a few fixes before putting your home on the market.

Home Repair Checklist for Sellers

When selling your home it is important to get it ready for potential buyers. You need to consider doing these 5 things before putting your home on the market:

  1. Home Repairs

    These include the little fixes that you have been able to “live around” like hammering nails to secure them on the stair case, replacing a jiggly door knob; and could extend to heavy-duty repairs like fixing leaking roofs and pipes in the wall, installing or upgrading to a New HVAC System. None should be seen as less important or urgent than the other since the first impression matters a lot. However, the more expensive a potential repair might be, the more a potential buyer would cut off of their offer to buy.

  2. Painting

    Painting your home before putting it on the market is one of the least expensive ways to improve the appearance. Over the years your home’s paint job may be outdated or have chipped in certain corners. During a viewing session you would not want a piece of furniture to be moved only to reveal an untidy wall. A fresh coat of paint does wonders to a room by enhancing and brightening a room making it appealing and attractive to a potential buyer. It is advisable to pick neutral colors since these would be appealing to a majority of people.

  3. Outdoor Improvements and Landscaping

    Before a buyer even steps into your home, the first thing prospective buyers will see is the exterior of the house and the landscape. By then, they would have already formed an opinion about the house or visualize themselves living there… or not. This includes the general arrangement of your lawn, front porch, the dog’s kennel etc. A simple way to improve the external appearance of your home is to do some weeding, pruning and planting some green, leafy, mature plants that you can buy from your local gardening store.

  4. De-cluttering

    If you are selling your house before you move usually means that you have a lot of personal items. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Good because you wouldn’t have to incur the extra cost of staging the house and bad because the house could be cluttered. Clutter is a disadvantage because it gives an impression of a small space with very little lighting which also means that the good features of the house will not be clearly displayed to potential buyers. You also need to ensure that everything in the home is clean, dust-free and have the windows cleaned and opened for more air circulation and lighting a few hours before a potential buyer arrives.

  5. Upgrade or Install a New HVAC System

    Heating during winter and Air Conditioning during summer are on the top of every potential home buyer’s list. A well ventilated home promotes good health, keeps unwanted smells out that tend to linger in the air especially when cooking, and also keeps your floors, walls and ceilings dry hence keeping out moisture and parlaying damage. Home owners are also always concerned about every additional cost that comes with buying a house. Installing or upgrading your HVAC System will go a long way in having an offer (or several offers) from potential buyers – especially the kind of numbers you’ll be willing to sell for. With the New HVAC System, the new owner would be able to manage their heating and cooling bills and generally manage their expenses in those areas instead of spending much more on repairs.

It is important to make fixes to your home before you put it on the market in order to maximize your home value. Sometimes this includes installing a new HVAC system. For any assistance on any of these products and services or for more information on HVAC System upgrades, please contact us at Allison today!

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