Finishing Your Basement? Keep These HVAC Facts in Mind

A basement finishing project represents a unique opportunity to expand your home’s living space by remodeling an unused area. Keep in mind several heating and air conditioning considerations, however, before starting this project. Make sure your system is the proper size for your new living space, secure HVAC code and permits, and ensure that all heating and air conditioning components are accessible. Read on to learn more.Finishing Your Basement? Keep These HVAC Facts in Mind

HVAC Considerations Basement Remodel

Keep Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Accessible

Many homeowners design a floorplan for their finished basement that conceals heating and air conditioning equipment from view for aesthetic and functional reasons. They usually do this by constructing a separate utility room. This utility room should be properly ventilated and accessible according to local building codes. The area requires sufficient space for a qualified technician to service and install new equipment.

Make Sure Your Heating and Air Conditioning System Is the Right Size

A finished basement can add several hundred square feet of load on your heating and air conditioning. Check if your HVAC system can meet the additional demand. We recommend asking the help of a professional heating and cooling company; a skilled contractor can find out if you need to upgrade or replace your existing systems to accommodate your remodeled basement.

Follow Local Codes Regarding Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Follow local building codes and regulations when remodeling your basement because heating and air conditioning equipment often have special requirements. For instance, gas furnaces may require a mechanical ventilation system if natural ventilation is not enough. In addition, your municipality may also require you to obtain a building permit when expanding your duct system or when installing a new air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump.

Allison Air Conditioning can help you downsize or upsize your heating and air conditioning for your newly remodeled home. We can also assist you by performing regular system maintenance and by developing a Peak Performance plan that can make your home more energy-efficient. We’ve been serving local homeowners for over three decades, and we are proud to be a Carrier® HVAC Factory Authorized Dealer.

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