Why You Need an HVAC Tune-Up in the Fall

Fall is here, which means that it is time for an HVAC tune-up. Keeping up with heater and air conditioning maintenance is important for maximizing home comfort and prolonging the life of your unit. You may be wondering, why is fall the time for HVAC maintenance? Below, we will discuss why fall is the best time to take care of any maintenance issues with your heater.

Why Fall is the Season for Heater Maintenance

In order to keep your heater working properly throughout the year, it is important to get a heating system tune-up annually. During a heater tune-up, an HVAC professional will inspect your furnace to make sure that it is clean and working properly. If your technician notices any issues that need repair, he or she can often fix the problem on the spot, ensuring that your family can enjoy a comfortable home environment with a safe and efficient heating system.

So why is fall the best time for a heater tune-up and maintenance services? Well, fall typically offers more moderate weather where homeowners may not find themselves using their heater as often. This season is also between two high HVAC usage seasons – summer and winter – when your home comfort system has to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. That is why it is the ideal time to check for any maintenance issues and have your system serviced before you start using it in the winter. By identifying issues and making repairs sooner rather than later, homeowners can help prolong the life of their HVAC unit while also promoting energy efficiency, which can lower heating costs over time.

Take Advantage of Savings from Allison Air Conditioning

The team at Allison Air Conditioning knows how important it is to make sure that your heater is running smoothly this winter. That is why we are offering special fall promotions, so that Corona homeowners can save on their annual heater tune-up and other maintenance services. Whether you just need a tune-up or you are finally getting around to fixing your furnace, these deals can help you save money this fall.

Here are some of the special savings you can take advantage of this season:

  • $10 off furnace/heater maintenance or service (Regularly $89, heater maintenance is now just $79.)
  • $10 off furnace/heater tune-up (Regularly $111, a heater tune-up is now just $101.)
  • $50 off duct testing (This does not include HERS verification.)

Make sure that your heater is ready for the winter and the new year by scheduling a tune-up or maintenance services today. These special promotions from Allison Air Conditioning expire on December 30, 2016, so make sure that you act fast to take advantage of the opportunity to save.

If you would like more information on the fall promotions we are offering or would like to schedule a heater tune-up, furnace maintenance, or duct testing, contact us today. The expert team at Allison Air Conditioning is ready to help you get ready for the winter.

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